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I haven’t been programming for a while but I spent a few minutes putting together a li’l rss-mash utility that takes RSS URLs on the command line and prints a combined XML file of all those items to the standard output.

I made it with zshbrev. Here is the code:

(define (sxml-url (= ->string url))
  (call-with-input-request url #f html->sxml))

(define (rss-mash . (= (c map sxml-url) feeds))
   `(*TOP* (*PI* xml "version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"")
		   (rss (@ (version "2.0") (xmlns:dc ""))
				 (title ,(string-intersperse
						 (map (o cadar (sxpath "//channel/title")) feeds)
						 " + "))
				  "A mashup of feeds")
					 (bi-each equal? (sxpath "guid"))
					 (map (sxpath "//item") feeds))
					(bi-each > (o (c date '+%s '--date) cadar (sxpath "pubdate")))))))))

I already had sxml-url, which has been pretty useful both at the command line, where it prints an SXML representation of any web page, and in other zshbrev apps, like rss-mash which is the new part.

It’s also hopefully a pretty clear demo of how zshbrev turns command line arguments into function arguments, and function output into stdout in a pretty dwimmy way (it should work regardless of whether your function prints something or returns a value, like a tree or string).

This currently only works with RSS, not Atom. It’s just a li’l hack quickly thrown together.

Installation and usage


apt install chicken
chicken-install brev zshbrev < Paste the code from earlier in this post (the two `define` calls) into `~/.zshbrev/functions`, then:

~/.zshbrev/bin/rss-mash https://the-first/url.xml https://a-second/url.xml

You can add ~/.zshbrev/bin/ to your path if you wanna.