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I read more books now, and while I never looked down on skimming and skipping, which can make a good book even better, I’ve found myself having stopped doing that lately and instead I’m enjoying every page. I’m not as anxious for the plot to move along and I don’t mind tangents and stories-in-stories-in-stories. I’m patient with them now and let them carry me on their journeys beyond journeys. Last fall I read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, a book I saw in bookstores 20 years ago and always thought would be dorky or campy but I loved it, it has changed my relationship to books and reading. It’s just a treasure chest.

I’m in a good circle of patience begetting more patience, a road that I feel has only just started. I’m still struggling with focus like all of us are; I don’t wanna come across as smug but instead bring hope.

It’s not always easy and sometimes I need to use tricks but when I can do it, I’m finding it worth my while.

Humanity went tens of thousands of years without reading books, and reading books isn’t more natural or right than doomscrolling or whatever. But it’s just something that I’ve found brings me a lot of joy lately.