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Separating art from artist

I disagree with people who make blanket statements about separating or not separating art from artist as if it was an easily derivable formula of how to feel and behave around that.

To me it’s much more emotional. If I keep feeling bad and thinking about the bad things when a particular record or movie comes up, I’m gonna enjoy it less. I don’t want to force myself into thinking “got to separate art from artist!” out of some moral principle. If it feels bad to see Polanski movies or whatever, then it feels bad. And I don’t wanna.

While for other people, for them maybe they more naturally dissociate the art from artist and for them it’d be a struggle to consciously try to associate them, to deliberately boycott something that doesn’t feel bad for them.

Maybe they see the Polanski movies and then a few days later go “Oh yeah, didn’t he do something bad”, like, it’s not an immediate gutpunch to them the moment the movie comes up.

And that’s just how they work. And that’s fine. So my point is: separate or don’t separate art from artist as you yourself feel like doing, or can or can’t do. No point making blanket rules around that. In my own experience around art its tangled up pretty bad.