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Expert / Warrior / Spellcaster XP

As a house rule, to buff these cute “sidekick” classes, PCs using these classes for themselves, count as half when dividing up XP derived from monster challenges, but they then still receive full XP.

So if there are three normal class PCs and a Warrior, all four PCs would get 2/7 of the XP each, or 28%. More than if there were four normal class PCs, who would only get 25% each.

If there are two normal class PCs and a Warrior and an Expert, all four would each get 2/6 of the XP, or 33%.

This is only for monster CR derived treasure XP. Item value XP, item magic class XP, merchant XP, or know-each-other XP works just as normal.

This is a very convenient houserule because it’s all on the DM side, you don’t have to worry your pretty little heads about it.♥︎ You just know that you get more XP when you have these classes in the party so don’t give them any lip. They are absolutely pulling their weight in more ways than one.

This only applies to PCs using these classes. Hirelings, henches and summons have different deals depending on the situation.