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Skill checks

“Breathing is difficult down here in the damp, dusty air, as the dark dungeon corridor stretches out in front of you. At the very dimmest, flickering edge of your torchlight, it splits in a T-intersection, branching left and right. Make an Insight check.”
“You believe you should go left, and do so. After wasting hours heading down the wrong path, you finally make it to a room with mysterious levers and gears. Make an Investigation check.”
“Nice roll! You’re great at this game. You quickly manage to find the hidden button, and press it, and a panel slides away and the treasure chest appears. Make a History check.”
“You don’t believe that this chest is particularly valuable, and leave it. As you…”
“Hold on! I really want the treasure!”
“Make a Wisdom saving throw.”
“Sorry, you don’t realize the value of the treasure and you leave it. After leaving the dungeon, you find a pair of friendly-looking merchants.”
“Well met! I’m lost in these woods. Would you be able to point me to the nearest settlement, or just the nearest road? I don’t have much, but I’m willing to give you my sword and shield, if need be.”
“Make a Persuasion check.”
“Natural one.”
“They fly into a rage at your clumsy attempts to communicate. Roll initiative.”