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Song Symmetry

Oasis, make a song about AFP.
I desire total song symmetry.
Factory should sing one ‘bout the Boss.
Streisand, start writing of Duck Sauce.

No excuse if the song came first;
if you named your band for some catchy verse.
Wings is your song if your band’s named Jet.
Dr Feelgood’s for you if you’re in Roxette.

Radiohead, get Talking. Blonde Redhead, DNA.
I’m sick of connections only going one way.
Sticky Fingers? Rolling Stones. Stones? Muddy Waters!
Make some homages to your lyrical fathers.

Canned Heat? Tommy Johnson. Ladytron, get Roxy.
Make it stick like glue, like mutual epoxy.
You liked it so much? Then go on and show me.
At least three bands need to make a David Bowie.