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“Star Wars 012” SWd6 mod

I’m gonna keep this short & sweet!

Get some special dice that are numbered 0, 1 and 2 with equal amount of sides. (For example six-sided dices numbered 0, 0, 1, 1, 2, 2.)

That’s what you’re rolling instead of normal six sided dice. Do not add your character’s extra “pips” normally.


Either ignore those values and remove them from your version of the game, or use them as tiebreaker in opposed rolls if the die totals would otherwise be the same.

Difficulty Numbers

old new
5 1
10 2
15 4
20 6
25 8
30 10

Every step of “d6 five” adds two here.

For behind the scenes math, git clone

Passive defenses in HyperspaceD6

Instead of 10+Ability+Skill, just use your Ability+Skill directly. That’s a cool thing about Star Wars 012, your die code is the same as your average roll.

Destiny Die a.k.a Wild Die

My own plan is to be more based on SWd6 1e than on 2e, ReUP or HyperspaceD6 so I don’t have to worry about this. This section is just a gift to all of you readers out there♥︎

The second and ReUP editions of SWd6 has a special die, there called “Wild Die”, and HyperspaceD6 does too, called “Destiny Die”. It’s a die of a special color that’s rolled&added together with the normal dice that can trigger side effects.

I’ve got four solutions for you.

Just don’t have one

The first edition of SWd6 doesn’t have a Destiny die and it’s still fine. Of the four solutions I would probably go with this one. Keep it simple, baby♥︎

Super special dice

If you can find dice where half of the zeroes and half of the twos (but none of the ones) are marked special, you’re can use those as the Destiny die. I mean: S0, 0, 1, 1, 2, S2.

Math-heavy “solution”

You can also use a normal d6 as the wild die, and replace one of the 012 dice with it, and add it all up. I don’t like this solution because math is hard. But the new difficulty numbers would be:

old new
5 2
10 4
15 6
20 8
25 11
30 13

(And for passive defenses in HyperspaceD6 in this variant when one of the dice is a d6, it’s 2+Skill+Attribute.)

Extraneous d6

Or you can just add one alongside the other numbers and look at it but not add it. Kind of the worst solution of them all because it’s so seldomly relevant but it has a nice perk compared to the other ones: it’s the only solution where the Destiny “side effect” is completely divorced from the chances of success and failure of the roll itself.