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Strat Diary


Watching guitar reviews for a few weeks but I’m now leaning towards keeping my old guitar. It’s gonna be difficult to find an electric guitar I like as much. (I also have a nylon acoustic, sweatshop made Rivertone that was super cheap off the Cl_s Ohls_n rack but I love everything about that guitar (except how difficult it is to mic). I am grateful to whomever put that thing together.)

A non-Fender s-type, three tone sunburst, white pickguard, maple neck my friend Lina found in a dumpster in Iceland (where I’ve never been), I got the impression that it was outside some student housing, like dorm rooms on moving day. She found it mid 00s, so the guitar is at least that old.

I have finally learned what words like “action”, “stall”, “bridge”, “nut” and “pot” mean (outside of the context of playing poker).

Here is the sitch with this guitar.

Now, we did soldering in high school and I hate it. Probably least favorite activity. So I’ll need to ask an ex or a friend. And that means waiting until after pandemic probably.


Last friday I cleaned out the guitar properly with soap. It’s awesome to have the vintage, yellowed knobs and pickup covers be clean. I love the agedness and the yellowing, I hated the dirt but now it’s clean and nice.

This guitar is from the 70s, I learned (on Strat-Talk). I should tune it up and try it out to see if nothing got busted up, broken, shorted or corroded from the cleaning. Also the strap fell off and the guitar fell guard down and the pots and bridge dented my floor.

Eventually I def need to get new pots, I wanna get new pickups and a new jack, I wanna keep my threeway pickup switch but I want to put a new blade cover on it. And I need to get a whammy bar.

This morning I was checking out a tutorial on how to fix the sharp frets. I was hoping that was gonna something I can do on my own, but I don’t think I can.

Fixing this is maybe gonna get more expensive than just getting a Squier. I should keep a running total. But so far $0 except for strings and a pitchkey.