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Types are useful

I tried to design a dynamically typed lisp with maximal applicability of procedures—as in, “reverse” should be able to reverse a string, a vector, or a list, as opposed to having “string-reverse” or “vector-reverse” defined separately. I found that in order to implement that, I needed an isa-hierarchy of types (or, rather, derive an isa-graph from a tag cluster, kinda duck typing style). For example, strings, vectors, and lists are all “sequences”. So, in that sense, types are great.

In order to not have to deal with types (as much) on the app level, I really do need to do them carefully (at the primitives level). So types aren’t useless. I still hate them though, and languages that make it a point to do everything through types. Dependent types are the worst.

I don’t wanna type annotate and I don’t wanna limit procedures to only compile on certain types. I don’t want the compiler to prevent you from taking your car to the hair salon.


I ended up implementing dynamic dependent types and now I use them all the time.