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UN 2050

I see that the UN is setting goals for 2050 💁🏻‍♀️ How cute ♥

In this case it’s a zero greenhouse goal for all world-wide air travel by 2050, using some yet-to-be-discovered massive quantities of plant fuel, somehow also gonna fix the issue that releasing stuff at that altitude, even if it would’ve normally been released at ground level, such as decomposing or burning plants, is extra warming.

They’re also betting on tech that doesn’t exist yet to come save us. Why not, then, hold off on their flights until that mythical tech exists? This is something I see again and again and again: “In the future there will be a safe way to do it so let’s do it now 😜” “Oh, I see potato chips are gonna be on sale next Saturday so let’s buy some bags now!” It’s beyond wrong. Of course, it’s wrong like a fox because they don’t really believe that the tech is gonna come. They’re just kidding themselves (and the public) so they can keep flying.

All this 2030, 2050 stuff is cheaper than cheap since it’s all talk. I wanna see “OK, starting next month, we will…” I wanna see changes in our present time.

This is why we need doomers to go talk to them and explain how bad it actually is. I said to them, not to me, I already know it’s bad, I’ll just block you.💁🏻‍♀️ And don’t bring them your usual “just give up” spiel, either. It’s just that they don’t get how serious it actually is.

It sucks so much that I’ve got “it’s hopeless, just give up and guzzle gas” to the left of me, “lol it’s all fine don’t worry keep guzzling gas we’ll fix it in 2097” to the right, and here I am, stuck in the middle with pretty much no-one. People who see that it’s serious and want to change things.