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When I hated Mondays

The right wing usually has the attitude that “Yeah, yeah, it sucks that the world is so awful, but there’s not a lot we can do about that, I’m sorry to say, because we don’t want gun control and feminism and communism and that kinda stuff that threatens to change anything that I consider unchangeable. Everything needs to remain as it is, we can only send thoughts and prayers.”

However, when questions pop up that tread on our own FOSS/​EFF/​Cypherpunk ideology, we’re kind of the same way. “Oh, what a shame that there are so many abusers out there, but there’s not a lot of things we can do about that, we need to have good crypto, I can only send thoughts and prayers.”

That, hmm, that doesn’t feel like a great position to take. Not super into it. Not sure where I wanna be.

Update, a few days later

What I meant with this post is just to vent, lament, and bemoan how frustrating it is to argue for the rights of school shooters and bullies. They breathe air but regulating air-breathing isn’t a good solution. They use gravity to walk the Earth without flying away but regulating physics isn’t a good solution.

I just, I don’t have to be happy about how things are, OK? I’m allowed to grieve over how messed up this world is and how we treat each other.