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Wishing and hoping

One problem we on the left have is that often we wanna solve things by wishful thinking whereas our enemies are causing our problems by practical means.

Moderation vs abuse materials is one example: the harassers and abusers are coming up with practical means to post their shit whereas we can’t really stop that in any real, practical sense, only (half-bakedly) shield ourselves from seeing it.

That’s just one example, I’m less interested in that particular example and more frustated with the general trend.

An example I’m even more concerned about is climate change; they can come up with practical ways to blast their CO2e fumes where we can only sit around in our degrown li’l green communities and wish that they didn’t blast as much over there because it’s killing all of us.

Using force leads to bad things, as we saw in 1956, and since they love bad things, they have no qualms of using force against us.

Not sure I have the answer here. Just me being self-critical.

I’ve sometimes inadvertently butted heads with people in the past where they’re greenhat & creative & trying desperately to think of practical solutions (like using copyright licenses to enforce good social behavior) and I’m like “I’m not sure that’d work practically and legally because such-and-such-and-such practical problem with that” and I get labeled the enemy.