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Wizard’s Chess


Exactly two color decks.

Color Restrictions

“Gold” multicolor

Only allowed among the 18 spells. Not among the creatures, magician, or artifact.

“Hybrid” multicolor

Among the creatures, magician, and artifact, you before the game write down what color it represents. For example, you can use Kitchen Finks as a 1WW creature or as a 1GG creature.

Among the 18 spells, off-color hybrid works as above (for example, you might use a WW Wheel of Sun and Moon in an Orzov deck) or if all the colors are within your two colors, it works like normal hybrid.


Count the best side for the deckbuilding restrictions below. Both sides need to be the same color and either both needs to be a creature, or neither side (such as Search for Azcanta). For example, for Delver of Secrets count 3/2.


Either both sides are enchantment+instant+sorcery, or both sides are land, or both sides are creatures of the same color. Both sides need to fit the deckbuilding restriction for its slot.


Other color identity issues (such as off-color activation)

Needs to stick to your two chosen colors but otherwise no restriction. For example, a black/green deck may use Elves of Deep Shadows as pawns.


One king

One queen

Two rooks


Two bishops

.* The king’s bishop needs to have the same single color as the king, and the queen’s bishop needs to have the same single color as the queen

Two knights

2×4 Pawns

One Magician

One Artifact

18 enchantments, instants and/or sorceries

At least 24 lands

For example you can choose three Hallowed Fountain and one Mishra’s Factory.

Lands are the only way to have more than 60 cards in the deck since you have exactly 36 non-lands and at least 24 lands.

Snow-covered lands and wastes are allowed as basics.

Announcement Rule

Before the game, show your king and queen and announce what they are. “This is my king, and this is my queen.”

As you play creatures, announce what they are. “This is my rook.” etc.

Token Rule

If a token would be created it instead is not created.


Creatures and artifacts can not enter from outside the game. Sorry contraptions and companions!

For enchantments, instants and sorceries, you may have a wishboard of up to 100 cards following the same restrictions on color etc as the 18 spells in your deck. So no colorless lessons.

Ban list

These specific cards:

Based on Wizard’s Chess by Tom Hazel.