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When worse got better

Why in the burning ouchy heckfire did the Lisp community, for all its talk of “worse is better”, never actually roll up our sleeves and think of this!

I use and love the sexp output for the rare few apps that support it, like notmuch, and of course xmlstarlet is amazing, but we never did a large scale, ambitious, sexpify everything project like this. The JSON dorks beat us to the punch! We should just shame scoop on the spot.

I hate JSON and I’ve never even used my own xj filter.

When you just needs some nested alists JSON overkill and when you need the full schema and xpath rig it’s underkill compared to SXML but you know what they’ve got that we don’t?

It’s there. They actually delivered.

This “jc” is a killer app among killer apps. Holy smoke.

Why don’t you put the whole world in a serialized object notation, Superman? Well, they just up and did that.