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5e Wound Threshold

Update February 2020:

Since we started using the Oh, Injury! system, this old wound threshold system kind of languished.

The biggest issue is how it used the word “wound” but now in our injury system, the word “wound” means something very specific.

I’ve updated the text, fixed those issues and moved it to Injury Threshold.

For purposes of history, the biggest change is that the default injury threshold (then known as “wound threshold”) was 1. Something I thought would be memorable and lead to some fun moments but it has been another useless rule just rattling around in the back of everyones mind making it feel like we can’t really remember all the rules.

The new version has the default threshold at 0 (i.e. things work exactly like normal), making this a 100% opt-in rule for players. Just as before, you can set any threshold but I now recommend half your HP.

Also the new version has a much better two-box system to keep track of it. Go take a look!.