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M-q in visual-line-mode

As a compulsive hitter of M-q when I’m too lazy to start auto-fill-mode (and even then a li’l manual triggering is sometimes needed to reflow an overly edited para), that compulsion has an unfortunate habit of crossing over even when I’m on visual-line-mode. I know, I know, set-fill-column to a high number FTW, but…

(eval-after-load "visual-line-mode"
     (define-key visual-line-mode-map
				 (kbd "M-q")
				 #'(lambda () (interactive) (message "%s" "Softwrap!")))))

One drawback of visual-line-mode is that only way to set a comfortable fill-column is through cockamamie margin-boosting shenanigans. Not into that. I usually just split the window, or use writeroom-mode if I’m messing with the margins anyway.