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XP for gold

Pillar Items

Party level Tier 1 item Tier 2 item Tier 3 item Tier 4 item
1 30 60 90 120
2 60 120 180 240
3 180 360 540 720
4 380 760 1140 1520
5 Nothing 750 1500 2250
6 Nothing 900 1800 2700
7 Nothing 1100 2200 3300
8 Nothing 1400 2800 4200
9 Nothing 1600 3200 4800
10 Nothing 2100 4200 6300
11 Nothing Nothing 1500 3000
12 Nothing Nothing 2000 4000
13 Nothing Nothing 2000 4000
14 Nothing Nothing 2500 5000
15 Nothing Nothing 3000 6000
16 Nothing Nothing 3000 6000
17 Nothing Nothing Nothing 4000
18 Nothing Nothing Nothing 4000
19 Nothing Nothing Nothing 5000

For example, if a level 2 party finds a gem worth 100 dinars, everyone gets 60xp.

In addition, whenever you find treasure (whether it meets the criteria on this page, or is of lower individual value, such as coins), you get the XP from the monsters that were guarding it. So let’s say a level one, a level two, a level three and a level four character sneak past a skeleton (in our ruleset a 50 xp enemy) to find a 100 dinar value gem. They each get (50/4)+380 = 392 xp. Joy!

Every character doesn’t have to make it to the treasure room in person. As long as you are part of the same expedition, part of the same venture, present in the session, and alive, you qualify. Absent players, dead characters, or characters who stayed in town while the other characters went to the dungeon get zilch. Merely unconscious characters do get a full share.

If you are using Blackball’s Treasure, there are two of his item classes per tier starting at “tier zero”. In other words, class III and IV are tier 1, class V and VI are tier 2, class VII and VIII are tier 3, and class IX and X are tier 4.

(Adapted from my previous Three Pillars XP, which in turn came from this UA.)

Faction Treasure

Alternatively, if you are using a domain game system, such as Worlds Without Number, when you are level 10 to 16, Tier 3 items give one domain treasure and Tier 4 items give 1d4 domain treasure. When you are level 17 or higher, Tier 4 items give 1 domain treasure. This is instead of character XP.

NPC hirelings

Some NPCs have it in their contract that they don’t get any XP, others that they get full. Often enough the deal is that they get a halfshare of XP, calculated as follows:

Each halfshare of monster XP is the total monster XP divided by (Number of NPCs + twice the number of PCs). PCs get two halfshares.

So in the skeleton sneaking example, if two heroes would’ve been halfshare NPCs, then instead of dividing the 50 by four it would’ve been divided by 6 (2×2+2 = 6) and each player character getting two such halfshares. NPCs also get half of items’ worth, so the NPCs would’ve gotten 198 and the players would’ve gotten 396. Slightly more joy!

Merchants & Domains

A.k.a. making an honest living.

When you buy trade goods you get 1 ‘trade XP’ for every ten dinars you spend.

You can give away trade XP freely to your fellow party members: they get three XP for every two trade XP you give them. (2:3 or 1:1.5.)

Or you can take it yourself, in which case you get one XP for each trade XP. (1:1.)

Other ways to get XP

You can also get XP by making each other’s traits have impact on play and you get a different XP curve if you have scars as long as you remember those scars and keep them present in the game.