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Earth is really old, you guys

I’m not a creationist—my take is more in the line of a Spinozist ontology—but reading Young Earth Creationism’s reaction to the other wacky theories is rough because they come across as so unaware that their own theory is the wackiest.

They are jumping through hoop after hoop to discredit day-age, gap theory, or omphalism. It’s like a badge of pride for them to not only be wrong, but to be maximally wrong.

And, in writing this… I’m realizing that that probably is the intent. It’s the maximal distance from “evidence”—it’s the maximal length of their leap of faith. That’s sweet in its own Sub-Genius way.

But it’s also disrespectful. YEC are disrespectful to look at all the wonders of ever-changing nature and willfully close their eyes to it. Evolution is beautiful and awesome.♥︎

YEC’s dismissal of day-age is also completely ahistorical—Quran 70:4, Quran 22:47, 2 Peter 3:8—and is based on a 1970s misinterpretation of the word יום‎ in Genesis. But that’s to be expected—fundamentalist evangelism is not really based in tradition but is instead a designed product of the hypermodernist, “silver bullet solution” age. Before all that is solid melted into air♥︎

Ironically, real tradition is evolutionary, not static.