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AI is UI

Plenty of good reasons to criticize how recent ML development has been organized & conducted, and want to fight to prevent it exarcebating our already runaway problems of wealth concentration and technological unemployment.

One of the arguments I’ve called a not very good argument before is the “But the AI sucks” argument. “It’s not gonna solve real problems”, “It’s just gonna regurgitate”, “It’s just a dumb parrot” etc.

But what we’re seeing now is just the UI. It’s not hooked up to anything. It’s like booting up the first bitmap GUI in 1973 and starting a calculator app and clicking on the buttons and they weren’t hooked up and you’d go “meh. It doesn’t do anything”.

It’s an UI demo! An interface! A pretty darn radical one.🤯

I mean, I do kinda hope you’re right that it does suck and will continue to suck for the forseeable because then I wouldn’t have to worry as much the threat of an entirely new carbon-sucking, people-replacing, rich-gets-richer runaway industry that puts Spinning Jenny and Gutenberg and the 28kbps modem to shame.