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Article writing rules

These are the rules I’ve set for myself on here.

I brazenly reuse old urls and titles when I find that a newer essay seems to cover the same topic as an older one. This is a way to keep the archive from getting too redundant with overly similar posts, and to make sure that old URLs, old links, still point to a currently-canonical expression of the idea there.

Sort of a wiki/blog hybrid. There is a blog view and feed but the idea is also that I can evolve pages over time. Which is bad for the historical record but good for the dream that this li’l homepage will one day become good or at least better.

Because of this, I’ve been pretty happy with the decision to not put dates in the URLs. I don’t update the timestamps (which also repushes it to the feed and to Antenna) for typo fixes and updates but I can for rewrites.