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Daily logging on al-Toril

Here’s my new idea for D&D.

I already have an A7 card (one eighth of A4, so approx one eighth of letter) box with two A-Z registers; one A-Z for locations and one for concepts like rumors, rivals etc. I also have an accordion file for bigger A4 sheets of tables and maps. Those two are gonna stay.

I’ve been using scrap paper to keep track of the diegetical time (as in, what time is it on planet al-Toril as opposed to the time on my kitchen microwave).

What I’m gonna add in is a cheapo A5 notebook. The notebook is a daily log (and by daily, I mean days on al-Toril in the year 1494) that’s strictly for post-hoc. Keeping track of torches & shoes, but also take note of what happens (gonna make writing session reports a li’l easier). A symbol to capture extra-diegetical (real-life) todo-items for me (a square box probably), for example “remember to make a new crafting table for potions” or whatever (sort of like a bujo), and another symbol (maybe just underline) for references to the A7 & A4 loose sheets. So that non-post-hoc, actual prep prep can live there. Things that are actual stuff, forward references, will become cards instead.

This is also great because I can use shorthand in the daily log (I need to use longhand for prep so that the players can verify stuff, but logs aren’t prep).

What’s missing from this is automatic linking back from the A7 & A4 world into the log pages, like the app logseq can do. Like, everytime I mentioned The Heroes of Fate in the log, that date would get automatically added to the Heroes of Fate card, if it were logseq. Logseq would also let me export to our wiki and to session reports online, but I realized that when I play online, my tablet is already occupied by the video app. I can live without the backlinking, I can flip back through the book looking for references.