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Item sizes for (almost) everything

For use with my inventory sheets. Not to be confused with size categories of creatures.

Item Size
Abacus small
Acid (vial) small
Alchemist’s fire (flask) small
Arrows (20) small
Blowgun needles (5) small
Crossbow bolts (20) small
Sling bullets (20) small
Antitoxin (vial) tiny
Crystal small
Orb medium
Rod small
Staff medium
Wand small
Ball bearings (bag of 1,000) small
Barrel four stone
Basket medium
Bedroll big
Bell tiny
Blanket big
Block and tackle medium
Book medium
Bottle, glass small
Bucket medium
Caltrops (bag of 20) 20 tiny things
Candle tiny
Case, crossbow bolt one included with the crossbow, each extra is a medium thing
Case, map or scroll small
Chain (10 feet) big
Chalk (1 piece) tiny
Chest big
Climber’s kit big
Clothes, common included on armor track if worn,medium if carried
Clothes, costume included on armor track if worn,medium if carried
Clothes, fine included on armor track if worn,medium if carried
Clothes, traveler’s included on armor track if worn,medium if carried
Component pouch small
Crowbar medium
Sprig of mistletoe tiny
Totem tiny
Wooden staff medium
Yew wand small
Fishing tackle medium
Flask or tankard small
Grappling hook medium (rope not included)
Hammer medium
Hammer, sledge large
Healer’s kit small
Amulet small
Emblem nothing, it’s just a picture on your shield or whatever
Reliquary small
Holy water (flask) small
Hourglass small
Hunting trap big
Ink (1 ounce bottle) small
Ink pen small
Jug or pitcher small
Ladder (10-foot) big
Lamp small
Lantern, bullseye small
Lantern, hooded small
Lock small
Magnifying glass small
Manacles medium
Mess kit small
Mirror, steel small
Oil (flask) small
Paper (one sheet) small
Parchment (one sheet) small
Perfume (vial) tiny
Pick, miner’s big
Piton tiny
Poison, basic (vial) tiny
Pole (10-foot) big
Pot, iron big
Potion of healing small
Quiver included with bow, each extra quiver is a medium thing
Ram, portable two stone
Rations (5 days) big in 5e PHB, medium in other editions
Fresh food for one day small
Robes included on armor track if worn,medium if carried
Rope, hempen (50 feet) big
Rope, silk (50 feet) medium
Sack two stone but then you can fill it up (1500 tiny things, 30 small things, 6 medium things, 3 big things or any combination). extra empty sacks for use later are small things
Scale, merchant’s small
Sealing wax tiny
Shovel medium
Signal whistle tiny
Signet ring tiny
Soap small
Spellbook medium
Spikes, iron (10) each spike is one tiny thing
Spyglass small
Tent, two-person big
Tinderbox small
Torch small (or a five pack as a medium thing)
Vial tiny
Waterskin (holds one day of water for one person) big
Whetstone small
Alchemist’s supplies big
Brewer’s supplies big
Calligrapher’s supplies medium
Carpenter’s tools medium
Cartographer’s tools medium
Cobbler’s tools medium
Cook’s utensils big
Glassblower’s tools medium
Jeweler’s tools small
Leatherworker’s tools medium
Mason’s tools big
Painter’s supplies medium
Potter’s tools small (does not include clay)
Smith’s tools big
Tinker’s tools big
Weaver’s tools medium
Woodcarver’s tools medium
Disguise kit small
Forgery kit medium
Dice set tiny
Playing card set small
Herbalism kit medium
Bagpipes medium
Cello big
Drum medium
Dulcimer big
Flute small
Lute medium
Lyre medium
Horn medium
Pan flute small
Shawm small
Viol medium
Navigator’s tools small
Poisoner’s kit small
Thieves’ tools small
Padded armor free
Leather armor free
Studded leather armor free
Hide armor free
Chain shirt one stone
Breastplate one stone
Half plate two stone
Ring mail two stone
Scale mail three stone
Chain mail three stone
Splint armor four stone
Plate armor four stone
Shield medium
Club medium
Dagger small (or store a pair as a medium thing)
Greatclub big
Handaxe medium (for one or two handaxes)
Javelin medium (for one or two javelins)
Light hammer small (or store a pair as a medium thing)
Mace medium
Quarterstaff medium
Sickle medium (for one or two sickles)
Spear medium
Crossbow, light medium
Dart small
Dart case (homebrew item that holds 20 darts; an empty dart case costs 1gp) medium
Throwing star / shuriken same stats as darts
Shortbow medium (includes one full quiver
Sling small(ammo not included; sling bullets are tiny things)
Battleaxe medium
Flail medium
Glaive medium
Greataxe medium
Greatsword medium
Halberd medium
Lance medium
Longsword medium
Maul big
Morningstar medium
Pike big
Rapier medium
Scimitar medium
Shortsword medium
Trident medium
War pick medium
Warhammer medium
Whip medium
Blowgun small (ammo not included, blowgun needles are tiny things)
Crossbow, hand medium (includes case with 20 bolts)
Crossbow, heavy big (includes case with 20 bolts)
Longbow medium (includes quiver with 20 arrows)
Net medium


Some items have a limited number of times you can use it, like a quiver with 20 arrows, a bundle of five torches, or a tube of salve with 20 applications. Just keep track of that with a number on the same line.

Pouches & sacks

Pouches and sacks are inherently soft&flexible and you don’t have to worry about slots & lines, you can use any sticky note or extra page and can toss all kinds of things in there as long as you don’t exceed the counts in tiny items. (In pouches and sacks only: 1 small item: 50 tiny items; 1 medium item: 250 tiny items; 1 big item: 450 tiny items)

This flexibility comes at a cost:

Getting something from a pouch or sack of mixed things costs 1 action; but you can get something from a pouch or sack full of only one kind of thing (for example, a sack of only silver pieces, or a pouch of only slingshot bullets), with your free item interaction. You also don’t have to worry about this for spell components.

Spell components

Retrieving spell components do not cost an action. It doesn’t matter where you’ve stored them.

The special “no-cost” components that a “component pouch” stores take up the equivalent of 50 tiny item slots in a pouch. So it can be a good idea to use a dedicated component pouch for these things.

Components that have a GP cost and/or are consumed are stored like any other items.

My house rule is that Light, Dancing Lights, Produce Flame and Goodberry have costed, consumable components. If you use this house rule:

The components for Light or Produce Flame use a small item for six uses (costs 1 silver).

The components for Goodberry use a small item for one use (costs 5 silver).

The components for Dancing Lights is a tiny item and costs two copper pieces.

Combining slots

All slots can always hold smaller items than the listed size. For example putting a small item, or even a tiny item, in a medium slot.


Five small slots can become a medium slot;
Ten small slots can become a big slot.

A small slot can also hold 1 tiny item. (Which isn’t great. So get a pouch…)

Secret Backpack Pro Tip

You can sew a pouch into the middle part of the flap now, and use it as 250 tiny items.