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5e Inventory sheet

So it looks like this:

A filled in example of the inventory sheet

and you download the pdf here or the svg here or git clone where you also can ogle a bunch of older versions.

The slot sizes

Forget about weights. Clear your mind. This system replaces that with item slots of four different sizes. Tiny, small, medium, and big.

How to use this

  1. Just fill in your gear. You can only use slots whose number isn’t higher than your strength score.
  2. Double your strength score if you are willing to be encumbered (–10′ speed).
  3. Armor is counted separately, subtract that. So strength 12 with ring mail can use circles four or lower unencumbered, or sixteen or lower encumbered.
  4. You can also go heavily encumbered (triple str; minus twenty speed and disad on everything physical).
  5. Hands: pulling out a sword or a lantern doesn’t change how encumbring it is or how much you can carry, so just say what you have in your hands, you don’t have to erase or move those items from their proper places on the sheet.
  6. Same goes for dropping a backpack temporarily. You can say you drop it and say you pick it back up later without having to erase or rewrite anything.

That’s it!

In pouches & sacks: 50 tiny ↔ 1 small, 250 tiny ↔ 1 medium, 450 tiny ↔ 1 big. Outside of “pouch space”, there’s no easy way to story tiny items; if one coin per slot sounds cruel well then I’m cruel♥ It’s hard to find your keys in a bag full of food and books, as you know! Here is a sack.pdf for you, or the svg version, and a filled in example.

The rest should be self-evident, so go play!

Here is my list of item sizes and the most useful info; and here for an excessive amount of behind-the-scenes rambling & design intent.