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Idiomdrottning demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel tantalizingly familiar to culture users but at the same time quite foreign.

The implementation of the formal semantics and reference implementations for various Idiomdrottning components and libraries can be found here.

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bilder — single images

  1. Verdigris
  2. At least I saved him
  3. It’s the 80:s now, Petronka! (Still love you, though)
  4. Réfléchis! Où m’as-tu vu?
  5. Satellite Brood
  6. Lost my gunner
  7. Honey, my heart’s in a mess
  8. …harvested
  9. Nine of Wands
  10. True Love, have you brought me hope?
  11. We do belong here
  12. Counting the mileposts to Vilnius
  13. Cold fever line
  14. What number of roads walked would you consider appropriate?
  15. The problems in hand are lighter than at heart
  16. Bring it into the small world
  17. …was the sweet-talking son-of-a…
  18. Ibiala
  19. [CW!] “Elegant” Ghost
  20. And the banned kept on playing
  21. Maslow’s hierarchy of bring it
  22. Kellyanne, aujourd’hui
  23. Synecdoche
  24. Each take
  25. Release me
  26. Sword Basket Tesselation
  27. Johnny Panic and the Jukebox of Trinkets
  28. Les yeux de Cassilda
  29. Dancing Physics
  30. The Original Underground
  31. This again?
  32. South East Tesselation
  33. Paces
  34. Crab-Man
  35. Spellscream
  36. XII — संसार
  37. Self Portrait, Spring 2016
  38. Kanin maskros
  39. Help me get my feet back on the ground
  40. Fall Into Beans
  42. Ternary Thue-Morse
  43. 詩吟と作務 は 「ŌRĀ ET LABŌRĀ」
  44. Remembrance of judgement
  45. Differential
  46. You won’t get lost
  47. One more coat
  48. Comet Rider
  49. Somehow, it fell into place
  50. Orka
  51. You wouldn’t like me, I guess…
  52. It Ain’t Home
  53. I Want To Be Protected
  54. It’s rare for a reason
  55. Seven–Ten
  56. She whispered “Jag älskar dig”
  57. Mr. Ms. Pac-Man
  58. The X-Card is Not Enough
  59. As far as I understand it
  60. Numberless Dealings
  61. Lilla mamma
  62. In the chill of the night
  63. You meet this guy…
  64. Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  65. Tiny Bird
  66. Pebbles
  67. Sock Man, Wire Hands
  68. No, My Child
  69. Waiting Face
  70. lo se xebni
  71. Water Lilies
  72. Entomophagy Choreography
  73. Let’s just pack it up and go
  74. Honey, is that true?
  75. 50 gram jäst, alltså!
  76. All I need now is intellectual intercourse
  77. This Wheel’s on Fire
  78. Octopus and Ship — Illustration made for The Handsome Cabin Boys band
  79. Johnny/Kirurgi
  80. Tonårsgoth never ends
  81. Spring-clean for the May-Queen
  82. Bring the Ruckus
  83. Dragon Slayer
  84. Just make it home
  85. Twelve-sided die
  86. Lost in the Valley of Pleasure
  87. I only wanted for you what you wanted for yourself
  88. Akebäck
  89. Octopus vs Clown
  90. Det var länge sen jag plockade några blommor
  91. Ghostly Piano
  92. Dressed for Success
  93. Hotplate DJ
  94. Glowing rolling pin
  95. Among the trees
  96. Curling up inside my private tortures
  97. Think happy thoughts, Peter!
  98. Sandra’s brain