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The old nothing

This anti-atheist bit:

If your nothing sometimes spontaneously erupt into everything, that’s a pretty goddamn magical fucking nothing, you guys.

That kinda misrepresents the science nerds. I don’t like ‘em either but let’s not misrepresent them.

Instead, their view is that matter (and/or energy, which is equivalent to matter at a c2 rate) is constant.

The atheists aren’t saying that there was nothing before everything. They’re saying that there was no “before” because time itself started when the universe started.

As for the argument itself

Theists need to tread a li’l carefully when kidding around with “how can something come from nothing” so they don’t end up relying on faulty cosmological “first cause” arguments.

Religion does a really bad job when it tries to replicate what science and philosophers do in cosmology, geology, even ontology.

“The world can’t stand on nothing so it must be standing on something. A turtle, perhaps.” And what’s that turtle standing on? “It’s turtles all the way down!

A better argument

I guess it’s fun as a philosophical challenge to try to prove something we can all readily experience all around us.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Just reach out and I feel it on my arm, shift my weight a bit and I feel it under my feet. Or I listen to my own heart late at night. It’s there. It becomes a matter of semantics what we’re gonna call it. “The natural world”, is an appellation the atheists prefer for it, not “God”. Sure. But I’m still grateful for it.