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Idiomdrottning demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel tantalizingly familiar to culture users but at the same time quite foreign.

The implementation of the formal semantics and reference implementations for various Idiomdrottning components and libraries can be found here.

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serier — comics, polyptychs

  1. Space smuggler goes to heaven
  2. Space smuggler goes to jail
  3. Knak!
  4. Idiomdrottning vs Inktober − bag it!
  5. Hour by hour
  6. Ta’t piano, kungen!
  7. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Doctor
  8. Roll away the stone, roll away the stone
  9. Pandoraskrin med magnetknäppe
  10. C₁₅H₁₂N₂O
  11. Tjena, kexet. Här ligger du och smular.
  12. 35/36
  13. One day the gates opened
  14. Öghanden Två
  15. Ms. Pepper’s bus
  16. Margaret borrows some sugar
  17. Homesick
  18. Don’t give yourself away
  19. …revben och kotor och märg
  20. Med tiden bleks den rödaste amour
  21. M = SII
  22. Fil → lås
  23. Åh, Norrköping! Åh, No-o-orrköping!
  24. Wakefield, MN
  25. DUES PD
  26. zmadu


bilder — single images

  1. Hur kan något helt sakna värde?
  2. The nihilist canvas is an open ocean
  3. Consumer anxiety and “fear of missing out” represented by a cheap-ass Clive Barker ripoff
  4. I could swear you just
  5. Det fladdrar till i en tyllgardin
  6. Getting two-for-oned
  7. Magda
  8. Dozen of the Other
  9. Office Chair
  10. Shift
  11. Nineteen Seventy
  12. Geraniums and Sandra
  13. Ashinell
  14. Var skulle dom annars vara?
  15. EBT
  16. Slice
  17. Jolt
  18. Double
  19. Gift
  20. Thunder
  21. Stretch
  22. Prickly
  23. Chop
  24. Muddy
  25. Expensive
  26. zmadu


konstruktioner — MOCs

  1. Kohaku
  2. The Heartless Crane


texter — texts

  1. Hur jag bygger en sealed deck i Magic
  2. Drafta relationer för kampanjstart
  3. Oh, Injury!
  4. D&D Schools of Magic: the Gathering
  5. smitten with coffee pourer
  6. dt full of flowers
  7. D&D Inspiration House Rules
  8. amount of times today
  9. World Building Workshop in Skövde, June 2019
  10. HD to XP (guest starring the 5e SRD)
  11. Item sizes for (almost) everything
  12. Ammo Recovery
  13. D&D Inventory System discussed in Excessive Detail
  14. Best named books of all time
  15. 5e Wound Threshold
  16. Almost catching up in mixed level 5e parties
  17. The average HP to XP ratio of all pretties in the 5e SRD
  18. (D&D) Introducing late night fighting
  19. Against Metroidvania
  20. When was the Internet invented?
  21. Du vet att media är brunt när…
  22. God of the Gaps
  23. Tau Enough
  24. How I teach the "Mottainai" card game
  25. Back in my day we had twenty-three planets
  26. zmadu