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Idiomdrottning demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel tantalizingly familiar to culture users but at the same time quite foreign.

The implementation of the formal semantics and reference implementations for various Idiomdrottning components and libraries can be found here.

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RPG texts

  1. Why D&D over other RPGs?
  2. Radically transparent DM-ing
  3. Why fights take a long time
  4. Farewell, West Marches?
  5. Fate's Golden Rules
  6. Say the DC
  7. Ghost Town (homebrew D&D spell)
  8. Fragile Items
  9. The Fictioneers talk about Blorb again
  10. [DM] Prep toolbox? New Tepest.
  11. The mensch↔hardass scale
  12. Autonomous Dorks
  13. The Old Verbal Components
  14. Skill systems and blorb
  15. GURPS, hate it or love it?
  16. A blorb thought
  17. Trodde du dissade BitD?
  18. 5e Fast Forage
  19. Index Cards for OSR
  20. Four Different Kinds of Rules Light
  21. Fate Outcomes
  22. Lazy Evaluation in Blorb Prep
  23. Pretty Much Searchers of the Unknown, Straight Up
  24. Slow Combat
  25. Albatross Hexbook
  26. Expert / Warrior / Spellcaster XP
  27. Realism and blorb
  28. When to move forwards and when to give space
  29. The Searcher class for 5e
  30. Flanking in D&D
  31. Getting started with D&D
  32. Postfix rules, when describing action
  33. OSE, O5R, and OSR monster stats
  34. Half games
  35. War Pigs & The Mob Rules
  36. Blorb in Principia Apocrypha?
  37. Stray Thoughts on Fight Pacing
  38. A li'l FKR caveat
  39. Glossary of key phrases while DM:ing
  40. Extended Task Resolution
  41. Atomic Encounters
  42. RPG safety tools
  43. Less intricate method of purchases and acquisitions
  44. Converting to D&D
  45. Dice: Curve vs Linear
  46. Blorb Principles
  47. Climbing abilites compared
  48. My DM screen insert
  49. Edition Peace
  50. Musings on stats, post Tasha update
  51. Revising Turns
  52. Clues in TRPG mysteries
  53. My note system for #boatmode
  54. Oh, Injury!
  55. Xendros
  56. Rescuing railroads
  57. New DM advice
  58. “Star Wars 012” SWd6 mod
  59. Principer för skräckregler
  60. 5e initiative cards
  61. Instant stats for D&D characters
  62. [5e DM] Strong poison for the weak!
  63. [5e] My take on one-digit monster stats
  64. Timekeeping for DMs
  65. Aiming
  66. Lower ability scores in Five Torches Deep
  67. [D&D] Looking for Stuff Outdoors
  68. Injury Threshold
  69. 5e NPC stats
  70. [D&D] Know each other
  71. [5e] School of the Hard Knocks
  72. XP for gold
  73. Finer than 5% granularity on a 20-sided die
  74. Combining multiple encounter rolls
  75. Guardian Acorn
  76. Mötesslag
  77. Wilderness
  78. Nybörjarkurs i att bråka till sent på natten
  79. Landet fortsätter brinna (om diegetiska mekaniker)
  80. Treasure
  81. Drafta relationer för kampanjstart
  82. D&D Schools of Magic: the Gathering
  83. D&D Inspiration House Rules
  84. World Building Workshop in Skövde, June 2019
  85. HD to XP (guest starring the 5e SRD)
  86. Item sizes for (almost) everything
  87. Ammo Recovery
  88. D&D Inventory System discussed in Excessive Detail
  89. 5e Wound Threshold
  90. Almost catching up in mixed level 5e parties
  91. The average HP to XP ratio of all pretties in the 5e SRD
  92. (D&D) Introducing late night fighting
  93. Inventory tracking without sheet
  94. Three Pillars XP, revisited
  95. Two Player XP
  96. Om att advantage inte stackar
  97. 5e Inventory sheet
  98. Seeds & Petals theory
  99. A way to salvage linear modules
  100. The Quest Queue
  101. 5e house rule: Arrow threat
  102. The Resistance + Dramasystem mashup
  103. Fluff älskar crunch
  104. Hur spelledaren kan tänka
  105. RISS
  106. 5e Slot Grid
  107. Al-Qadim Golden Voyages weather tables as state machines
  108. 5e Inspiration with a dash of Hillfolk
  109. One Page Dungeon 2016 -- the good parts
  110. My reactions to One Page Dungeon compendium 2016
  111. 1d4 hours, chance of waking up turn by turn
  112. How I do Insp in D&D 5e