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Idiomdrottning demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel tantalizingly familiar to culture users but at the same time quite foreign.

The implementation of the formal semantics and reference implementations for various Idiomdrottning components and libraries can be found here.

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texter — texts

  1. Hur ska vi nå klimatförnekarna som utnyttjar LCHF-kulturen?
  2. Computing Power
  3. Datakraft
  4. Det är inte magi om man tror på det
  5. 5e house rule: Arrow threat
  6. The Resistance + Dramasystem mashup
  7. Fluff älskar crunch
  8. Hur spelledaren kan tänka
  9. RISS
  10. 5e Slot Grid
  11. More playing around with the turn order
  12. Asynchronous Magic: the Gathering
  13. Sugars, meat, dairy
  14. Against "Legacy"-style board games
  15. Al-Qadim Golden Voyages weather tables as state machines
  16. 5e Inspiration with a dash of Hillfolk
  17. Seriealbum vs filmer
  18. One Page Dungeon 2016 -- the good parts
  19. My reactions to One Page Dungeon compendium 2016
  20. Recension av första halvan av Deep Carbon Observatory
  21. The big reveal in Eldritch Moon
  22. A new operator and data structure for adding dice
  23. 1d4 hours, chance of waking up turn by turn
  24. My current stance on copyright
  25. Näringsvärde per hundra gram
  26. The Big Four of Household Cleaning
  27. Gruber's CUPS of Chowder
  28. BankID stänger dörrar
  29. How I do Insp in D&D 5e
  30. The Narrow Gate to the Long Tail
  31. In Defense of Mise en Place
  32. Sandra skriver om skivor, januari 2015
  33. Three Different Kinds of Commands
  34. The Terminal and the Shell